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Minneapolis Record Show, 9AM-4PM Saturday, April 6th

at The Ballantine VFW Hall, 2916 Lyndale Av. S. Minneapolis 

(just look for the guy with the ugly hat- that's GoJohnnyGo)


New Stuff:

Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake 'Hey Hey What'

88 minute full-length MOVIE

2011 film released on VHS video tape in 2015

(GJG-049)  is available for $7.93 plus shipping

More Minnesota movies coming soon on VHS video tape:

'Mr. Thunderbird' (GJG-050)

'Unconvention' (GJG-052)


Nu cassettes on GoJohnnyGo

the GoJohnnyGo label.

The Lightning Boys "The Only Four Songs of The Lightning Boys"

(GJG-047) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

My Education "Bad Vibrations" (GJG-046)

is available for $4.45 plus shipping



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